Introducing the groundbreaking book by Missy Vineyard
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To explore your mind-body connection and achieve self-mastery.

The Alexander Technique is a remarkably powerful method for learning to skillfully control how your mind and body interact. It teaches you to coordinate your body more skillfully in daily living, while improving self-perception and mental skills such as attention, awareness, self-inhibition, and spatial thinking.

Vineyard’s book sheds fresh light on this revolutionary method. She combines cutting-edge research in neuroscience with personal and moving stories of herself and her students drawn from over thirty years of teaching experience. The book includes simple and effective self-experiments for enhancing your mind-body mastery.

The book shows you how you can learn to:

  • Overcome chronic pain and injury
  • Enhance mental attention and improve mood
  • Reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase technical skills in athletic and artistic performance

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Health & Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center founder Jason Steinle interviews Missy Vineyard about the Alexander Technique and her book.
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